Lately Bitcoin has been a financial safe haven as tensions arose with Iran. This past Friday (January 3rd), Bitcoin pumped 15% in the wake of news that Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was killed by missiles shot from US drones targeting his convoy near Baghdad International Airport.

Was this a coincidence or did this news cause Bitcoin to surpass our $8,000.00 target?

There is no doubt that tension in the Middle East is the main reason why Bitcoin climbed to its highest levels since November of 2019 and gold reached highs last seen in March 2013.

As you know, we have predicted that we would hit the $8,000.00 area but it came a lot sooner then we thought. Like I said in previous articles, I thought we would be consolidating most of January and then hopefully pull out of the bearish trend we’ve been in for the past few months.

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